"Keeping The Moon" – By Sarah Dessen

       The last thing Nichole Sparks wanted was to be sent to her nut aunt Mira’s house. But her mom was on her way to change the world, and Colie had to go somewhere for the summer. . .
        She never thought that she’d be more accepted among these strangers than she was back home. But when she meets Morgan and Isabel, two best friends and waitresses working at the Last Chance Bar and Grill, who encourage her to accept herself and love her for herself, things change. Maybe Colie is prettier than she thought. Maybe she just needs to ignore those backstabbing girls at home who still see her as some fat weirdo . . . And maybe going to aunt Mira’s for the summer wasn’t such a bad idea after all. 

         As I’ve read, Sara Dessen’s favorite theme of writing is about girls who grow in some positive way. And hey, it works! A great style.

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