"My Heart Remembers" – By Kim Vogel Sawyer

     This is easily my favorite book! Okay, I’m jumping ahead of myself . . . for those of you who are wondering, I’ll tell you that no, this isn’t a lovey-dovey chick romance novel. The story is about three irish siblings, Maelle (pronounced: My-elle), Mattie, and Molly. Maelle, the oldest, held on to the last words her Da told her, “take care of the wee ones”. And she was determined to obey him. But, because of her parents’ sudden death, the children are sent to an orphanage and later, are split up. As each child, living a completely different life, grows, memories of the other two siblings fade. Will the memories suddenly turn to black? Will Maelle ever be able to find her brother and sister? Will Mattie finally stay in a place long enough for Maelle to find him? And will Molly understand who she really is? 

      What I loved about this book is how easy it is to fall into the pages and soak up every inch of the story. Every book has some critic saying, “from the front to the back, this book had me hooked”. And no one really believes them. But, I’m telling you, this book was like a drug.  My simple little post on this book doesn’t give it it’s justice. I absolutely looove it! Read it, you guys. I know you’ll love it, too.

2 thoughts on “"My Heart Remembers" – By Kim Vogel Sawyer

  1. Thank you very much for your kind words about MY HEART REMEMBERS. If you read it cover-to-cover, you encountered the “letter to the reader” in the back, so you know why it's special to me. It gives my heart a lift when I know the characters have connected with a reader. So thank you for giving me a smile today! Blessings to you.


  2. A million apologies for replying so late. I was changing the template when I noticed a comment. Thank you so much! I never expected people – not to mention authors – to actually read my blog. I am absolutely buzzing with excitement. Thank you again!


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