"The Black Sheep" – By Yvonne Collins & Sandy Rideout

    A book about Kendra Bishop, a girl who got sick of all her parents’ rules (they have a binder stuffed with them). In a cloud of fury, frustration, and hurt, Kendra writes a massive letter in which she goes on and on about how horrible her life is and sends it to a reality TV show called “The Black Sheep”. She never thought that they’d actually pick her. Suddenly, she’s packing her bags and getting ready to trade places with Maya, a girl from California claiming her family is worse. Thrown on a plane and forced to cope with a ever-present camera in her face, Kendra wonders what she has gotten herself into when her ride is that piece-of-junk of a van with a million tree-hugger stickers plastered all over it. Will she lose her mind with the Mulligan family? Will she ever get a chance with the attractive Mitch? And will she be stuck on this stupid show forever?

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