"Girl At Sea" – By Maureen Johnson

      I finished this book in about three days. I stayed up until midnight reading it because I couldn’t put it down. Needless to say, it’s a compelling novel.
      The main character, Clio, who is in love with the wonderful, artistic, funny, charming, and all around perfect art store clerk, Ollie, has a million plans for her summer. But all her “Ollie plans” melt as she is forced to spend a summer on a yacht with her dad in Italy. Admitting that to any normal person, Italy doesn’t sound so bad, especially on a yacht, Clio’s reply is “you don’t know my dad”. But then, there’s something not so bad about being marooned on the stupid boat. Her dad’s annoying girlfriend, Julia’s, research assistant, Aidan. That is, if he stops being a snob enough to actually be nice to Clio.

       The story keeps you going like a mystery novel. Not only does it makes you wonder if Clio is going to fall for Aidan or stay true to plan A, Ollie. But it impels you to ask yourself questions like: What’s the research about? Who is Mary Marguerite? And, most of all, what’s with all the secrecy and why are they hiding it from Clio?

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