I love to write. I’m not sure if it’s because of my Dad’s encouragement of telling me how good of a writer I supposedly am or because I’ve kept a journal for the longest time…I just know that I love hearing the tapping sound of my fingers pressing keys on the keyboard, seeing the letters magically (well magically to me since my mechanic skills are zip) appear on screen, and knowing that what I write can never be forgotten since it is being documented at the same time it takes for me to think it up, quite a time saver actually.

     Writing is a lot like a wish or a dream. Whatever you dream could happen CAN in the pages of a book or the scrolling down of a computer mouse. And this dream can never be thrown away or forgotten. It will stay with you forever and always.

     I, like hundreds of others I’m sure, want to be a famous writer. I want what I write to touch the hearts of thousands, millions, all around the world. Hearts of people I don’t even know…people I’ve never even met or seen. I want to write books that bring these men and women, teens and tweens, closer to God. Books that make my readers cry, laugh, and inspire them to go the distance. My only question at this time of my life is how?? How can I set other hearts on fire when my own is blank! Yes, I know what I would love to happen, oh, what great things I could imagine… Autographing my novels in a Barnes-n-noble with thousands of people who know the book backwards and forwards and can quote my work better than I… But if it’s just a cute and popular story; does that really count?? Have I achieved my goal?? I would say I could settle…but I doubt I’d be contently happy. Because there would still be this part of me knowing that I had dreamt of something more.


     I want to thank all you who have taken the time to read what I have written so far in my blog. I don’t know if it’s any good, or worth reading for that matter, but I want to thank you anyway. You are a great encouragement!

2 thoughts on “Scribbler

  1. I think your writing is excellent! (Maybe even better than my own.) I share your feeling. It's absolutely wonderful (for me) to have a way of speaking to these people without, well, speaking. (which is why I like blogging and e-mailing). Keep up the good work! I'm sure you'll help make a difference in this world.


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