The Scary Truth

    It’s about that time of year when the stores are filled with skeletons, goblins, and witches. You know the time has come when you suddenly slam into a dead thing at Walmart. Yes, it’s almost time for *spooky organ music plays* Halloween.

   For most people, it’s evident that saying “Halloween” isn’t Christian because Halloween is the holiday for the dead. Instead, we find that saying “Harvest Festival” separates us from the creepy, devil worshiping acts of other people. But did you know that “Halloween” first meant “Saint’s Day”?? A complete inverse of what most people think today.

   All in all, Halloween is a very touchy subject to speak of. But I am not talking about the pagan holiday. I’m talking about the evening when kids set out with empty 99 cent store bags with a mission to conquer the world and come back with a thousand pieces of candy. The night that has the disgustingly sweet smell of sweets in the air, chatter from hyper children, and the enchanting orange glow of Jack-O-Lanterns.

   But something has come to my attention that I must speak of. People have forgotten the joyous tradition of dressing up! Slowly, every year costumes are dissolving away leaving kids with a handful of candy and a pair of old and smelly blue jeans. They have lost the excitement of being someone that they could only dream of being; they have lost sight that for only one evening of the year they CAN be superman, a fairy, or a knight. Some people throw that great privilege away. Don’t let it be you. I’m Mysterious Rose, and that’s The Scary Truth.

3 thoughts on “The Scary Truth

  1. Noelle, should I be worried when you speak of giving your friends a good scare??

    I don't think I would be quite upset if I couldn't dress up..maybe dissapointed, but not upset. – What are you going to be for Halloween, Jo, is it??


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