Words That Make Up A Christmas Song | VLOGMAS #7


I can’t upload another video about doing nothing. – The thought that started it all.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Stress of vlogmas is the father of forced creativity.

I really enjoyed making today’s video.

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The One Where Nothing Happens | VLOGMAS #6


One of these days, I will look pretty in a thumbnail. Today is not that day, sir!

I make an executive decision which ends in less of a vlog for you. However, I hope all bloggers and vloggers will follow my example. Remember: You own your blog, your blog doesn’t own you! I cut it short today to take some time to regroup (and by regroup I mean watch Elf with my family).

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Christmas Q&A | VLOGMAS #5


This is most accurately described as “the video in which I talk too much, because I fear having a vlog too short. But then all the talking meant more editing, and now it’s midnight and I hate myself for constantly making bad life decisions. YAYE CHRISTMAS!

But there are pretty bracelets involved! So you should definitely watch it.

And I finally do my Q&A!

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