10 Reasons Why I Won’t Hold A Baby

10 reasons why I won't hold a baby funny humor laugh

Lately (and perhaps it’s because I’ve turned 22 but), there’s a running theme in the questions I’ve received.

Rebekah, do you want kids?

I do—eventually—want kids. Little Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil… But the weird thing is: I’ve been working on this blog post. And it’s as if they knew. They sensed it. They looked into my brown eyes and saw horror, disgust, and revulsion toward those squishy little bundles of joy (referring to the child,*ahem*, not its diaper).

Anyways. Here’s 10 reasons why I won’t hold a baby.

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It’s My 22 Birthday! | 2017

It's my birthday humor laugh funny 22 grown up adult

It’s been a while since I’ve done a stream of consciousness blog post (a.k.a. a blog post I spend absolutely no time preparing for because I’m lazy *cutesy thumbs up*). So, today is the day.

Incidentally, today is also my 22nd birthday.

Bring on the sprinkles!

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10 Ways To Offend Your Friend Before The Day Is Up

10 ways to offend your friend before the day is up humor funny

Sadly, this post was inspired by real life events.

My friends (*cough* friend… just one) have had the unfortunate circumstance of being victim of my… not-so-subtle comments.

And all this happened before the clock struck 11am.

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